image.002FAITH PROMISE 2014 – SIGN UP THIS SUNDAY AND NEXT!  How much $ would God give through you, beyond your regular tithes/offerings, to our “Missions” and “Future Facility” funds if you would simply trust Him to bring it to you and pass it along through Faith Promise 2014…?  Young and old, individuals or family units can participate.  PICK UP your FP card on the back table, familiarize yourself with it, ask the Holy Spirit to give you a dollar amount, declare your Faith Promise on a card and place in our offering box, then ask God (and keep asking…) in faith and partner with Him to provide what He promised!

“THE DEEPER JOURNEY” SMALL GROUP HAS BEGUN!  Group members be sure to prayerfully read chapters 1 & 2 in preparation for our gathering TODAY from 5-6:30 pm at the L.’s home.  See you later today!

STRANGER ON THE ROAD TO EMMAUS SMALL GROUP SIGN UPS TODAY! Anyone is invited to participate in a small group going through the book- “Stranger on the Road to Emmaus.” Small group will kick off on Sunday, Feb. 9th at 5:00pm and take place at the F.’s home. See Mike F. with questions.

“PRAYER WARRIOR MOM” SMALL GROUP SIGN UPS TODAY! Small group is cancelled for this coming Tuesday, Feb. 18th, But will resume on Tuesday, Feb. 25th.

TELL US YOUR “Learning To Tithe” STORY-LAST SUNDAY TO SIGN UP.  God’s word exhorts us to grow in the grace of giving.  The foundation for learning to give is learning to tithe.- to give the first 10% of your income to God.  To help us grow in the grace of giving, tell us your story of how you learned to tithe, what difference it has made, and why you continue today…  See the signup sheet on the back table TODAY to participate.

image.009IN CASE OF WEATHER RELATED SERVICE CANCELATIONS… In the event of severe weather or school facility closures Live Oaks partners can get information regarding service cancelations from our web page and/or one of the local three TV news channels.  LOC will continue to meet during our regularly scheduled time unless otherwise notified.

ELEMENT 26 NEWS: Winter Jam is coming! Saturday, March 1st @ Intrust. Doors open @ 4pm, show starts @ 6pm! Cost is just $5!  Sign up sheet is on the back table.

Monday, Feb. 17th
Paul S.

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