As mentioned in the previous update, things slowed a bit over the holiday break.  As we’ve also mentioned, we’re expecting our timelines to shift and adjust as we move through the process.  At this point, we’re thinking our target date to occupy the building is most likely shifting beyond Easter and into late April or early May.  This will firm up over the coming weeks as we finalize code decisions, complete our focus groups with you, select a contractor, and get a construction timeline scheduled.  We will continue to provide these weekly updates as we go (as we hope they’ve been helpful up to this point).
However, progress WAS made on a number of fronts we’d like to share with you.  We even have some PICTURES to share in addition to a DRAFT floor plan that reflects the current layout under consideration from the architect.
Progress-To-Date (new items in bold):
  • 10/26: Signed a fully-executed contract for the facility
  • 11/6: Roof inspected & it’s in great shape
  • 11/7: Signed a term sheet with Carson Bank for our loan
  • 11/15: Septic inspection & everything is in great shape
  • 11/22: Appraisal completed
  • 11/30: Inspection completed & everything looks good
  • 11/30: Building measured for base plan & AV consultant met
  • 12/8: Initial updates from architect re: code requirements, etc.
  • 12/12: CLOSED ON THE FACILITY!!!!!!
  • 12/19: Initial code review with the City of Wichita on the high-level proposed changes (see below)
  • 12/29: Sheet metal removed from the main interior wall (see below)
  • 1/10: Variance request meeting with the City of Wichita (see below)
Progress since the last update:
  • Current DRAFT Floor Plan (see pic below)
    • As you can see, there are 3 main focus areas for remodel currently:
      • Worship Area: Removing the bisecting wall in the sanctuary.  There is an existing interior wall right in front of the planned stage we need to remove.  In fact, you can see some of the progress made towards that end (read about “The Screw Gun Brigade” below).
      • Classrooms/Nursery: Remodeling/creating (3) classrooms/nursery.  The current offices/reception area would need to be reconfigured & an emergency exit door added.
      • Lobby Area: Remodeling the “Lobby” area to add better entry doors, remove the drop ceiling, pull the wall back some to allow for additional space in the worship area & for sound/tech, and add a passageway (doors, etc.) between the lobby & the worship area.
  • Initial Code Review (12/19)
    • We met with the City code inspector (and our architect, of course) to review a high-level draft of the proposed remodeling changes.
    • It was an very productive hour where the inspector helped to identify any issues or concerns early on in the process that will help us avoid “gotchas” or re-work later on.
    • The main areas we focused on were: parking, restrooms, and fire suppression.
    • Most of these considerations are based on the planned building capacity.  These calculations are outlined in the city & fire codes but have some variance based on the spaces/usage planned; this is what we focused on.
    • He also helped to provide some options for how we might be able to handle those issues & helped to prepare us to come back for a formal review & variance request (see below).
  • Sheet Metal Removal by “The Screw Gun Brigade” (12/29)
    • Meanwhile, a group of crazy people including Ron (x2), John, Brady, Grant, Reece, Brett, Brent, William, Peter, Trent, and Kelley started work removing the steel panels on the wall currently bisecting the worship area.
    • Initially we only needed to remove a few panels to open up the wall to see what the support structure looked like … but they WENT TO TOWN!!
    • If you see any of these folks next Sunday, give them an extra squeeze and thanks for spending the time & effort … and for going way above & beyond for the church.
  • Variance Request Meeting (1/10)
    • We met with the variance request committee, our architect, and our code inspector to review the variance requests for parking, restrooms, and fire suppression as outlined in our previous update.
    • Again, the meeting was incredibly productive and lasted over an hour.  The committee was great & really tried to help us strike the right balance all around.
    • The committee provided some great input on options for us and we should receive a formal recommendation from them within a week.
    • Once we receive the recommendation, we’ll have the much needed direction in these three areas to move forward with the project as a whole.  We will provide an update on these variances once we have the final decisions in-hand.
    • One side note … we will need a fire inspector to come look at the existing kitchen as there are some considerations regarding the range, hood, and venting.  Stay tuned!
  • Moving Forward
    • Scott is going to get the ball rolling in a few areas:
      • Unleash the structural & mechanical engineers on the building to review any additional considerations for adding/moving/removing walls, HVAC considerations/ductwork, etc. & draw up plans for that work.
      • Help us select the right contractor to partner with us.  This step is obviously crucial in that we find the right partner, but also to generate more accurate estimates for the prioritized work so we can see where we may need to draw the line.
        • Note: as long as the fog machine makes the cut, we should be ok … 😉
      • Connect us with a recommended asphalt guy to discuss options/prices for parking in conjunction with the requirements we’ll receive from the city.
    • Church Focus Groups
      • Like we mentioned in the last update, we’re looking to organize input meetings & focus groups, coinciding with the annual church business meeting at the end of January.
      • We’re planning to hold multiple group input meetings (vs. one large one) as smaller groups are conducive to deeper conversations (and who doesn’t like a deep conversation?!).
      • We’d then look to roll up the common threads & themes, evaluate them against what we can accomplish, and present the options back to the church.
Not pictured: William, Peter, Trent, Kelley
View of the wall w/out the sheet metal from the worship area (East looking West)
View of the wall w/out the sheet metal from the current storage room (West looking East)
Current DRAFT, basic floor plan we’re working from.  Lots of details to fill in.
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