• 10/26: Signed a fully-executed contract for the facility
  • 11/6: Roof inspected & it’s in great shape
  • 11/7: Signed a term sheet with Carson Bank for our loan
  • 11/15: Septic inspection & everything is in great shape
  • 11/22: Appraisal completed
Architect Selection
  • As we mentioned a week ago, we met with & selected Scott Ramser of WDM Architecture to help usher us through the process of preparing, designing, and remodeling the new facility.  Scott has a wide range of design & architecture experience including churches, zoos, community buildings & parks, offices, schools, banks, hospitals, etc.  When asked, Scott said the firm’s focus when working with a church isn’t necessarily to turn a large profit, but to be a part of “something bigger”.  There was a great deal of peace meeting with Scott.  He’s interested in entering into a longer-term relational partnership & resonated with our ask for a “relevant but not trendy” design.  As a side note, Scott’s father, Bill Ramser, was the State Pastor for the KS State Church of God for a number of years.
Architecture Work: The work Scott is doing for us is broken down into a 2 primary phases:1) Investigation & Design and 2) Construction Oversight
  • Arch: Investigation & Design (includes two parts)
    • Part One: Initial planning and concept design to capture the big picture and better define what will be needed in construction plans/documents and from engineering consultants for the initial phase of construction.
      • Scope:
        • Measure existing building and draw base plan
        • Help to define city requirements regarding the site: setbacks/parking/storm run-off/etc.
        • Analyze city code requirements for the building: restrooms/number of exits/fire protection/etc.
        • Work closely with the church to develop ideas for renovation of the building to create spaces for worship, learning, and fostering relationships.
        • Determine what the initial phase of construction will be.
        • At the conclusion of this phase, Scott will be able to give us a fee proposal including engineering fees to complete “part two” (construction documents for the initial phase)
    • Part Two: Construction plans/documents for the initial phase of construction.  Scott will also help us interview & select contractors to perform the work.
  • Arch: Construction Oversight: Overseeing & ensuring construction adheres to the construction documents.
Church Input & Feedback & Focus Groups
  • Feedback is an ongoing process.  We want to keep in continual relationship with one another, asking questions & providing input.  Going forward, we’re looking to schedule some intentional formal & informal focus groups & feedback sessions between now & the end of the year to share with each other our collective aspirations, concerns, questions, and expectations for the facility.
Church Work Projects
  • As we move further through the process, there will undoubtably be opportunities for us to identify & commit to work projects together.  While these projects will benefit our cost structure they will, more importantly, create opportunities for us to serve together as we prepare the facility for our church.  At the same time, we need to keep reality in play as we identify these options & match them with our abilities (time, skills, etc.).  At the end of the day we want the critical things to be done right and done well.  Our starting assumption is that our contractor would manage & staff those critical pieces and we would contribute where & how we can.
Future Key Dates
  • 12/15 is our closing.  We’d like to have the bulk of the critical investigation completed by this date so we can uncover as many of the larger “unknowns” that might contribute to an increased cost.
  • 4/1 (Easter Sunday) is the current target for our first service.  Depending on the outcomes & timelines from the Investigation, Design & Plan phases, this date may shift around.
And no … we really aren’t installing a fog machine.  At all.  Ever.  Period.  🙂
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