NOTE: Correction from previous update … our closing date is Dec 12th, not Dec 15.


  • 10/26: Signed a fully-executed contract for the facility
  • 11/6: Roof inspected & it’s in great shape
  • 11/7: Signed a term sheet with Carson Bank for our loan
  • 11/15: Septic inspection & everything is in great shape
  • 11/22: Appraisal completed
  • 11/30: Inspection completed & everything looks good
  • 11/30: Building measured for base plan & AV consultant met

Progress for this week:

  • Architecture Progress
    • This week, Scott (our architect) measured the building & is starting to draw up a base plan.
    • He’s also continuing the investigation phase, checking into city & code requirements, etc. so we can uncover any larger “unknowns” prior to closing.
  • Facility Inspection (11/30)
    • We identified a highly qualified inspector who turned out to be the brother of Lacey’s childhood best friend!  We also discovered he attends the same church as our architect, Scott, when they ran into each other at the facility this week!
    • The facility was inspected & no major issues were identified; even the minor issues were very minor (i.e. – tightening screws on electrical outlets, etc.).
  • Other
    • We met with an audio/visual consultant to discuss initial needs/options/phases including stage, lighting, sound, projection, etc.
      • When asked about a stage, Jason was sure to request one that can be lowered from the ceiling while the fog machines churn out their ambient awesomeness.
      • He was soundly denied by both Scott, the consultants, Kelley, and even the inspector.  They also reminded him that WE AREN’T INSTALLING A FOG MACHINE!!
      • You could tell Jason was disappointed, but he’s resilient.  He’ll bounce back. 🙂
    • The well water quality was tested and met safe drinking water standards.
    • Misc. paperwork/communication with the title company/closers to prepare for closing.
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