As we’ve mentioned in each update, we are prepared for our schedule to move around from week to week based on new discovery, progress, etc.  With the Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays smack dab in the middle of our design phase, we realistically couldn’t expect full-speed progress during those two weeks.  We need to sync up with Scott (our architect) this week and see where we’re trending for completion of Part 1 (see our initial update for details on what this Part entails) & we’ll provide an update on Sunday during service & here on the website when we have an update available.
We have received some updates we can share below on parking, restrooms, the plan for focus groups, and a surprise blessing from New Life Covenant Church!


  • 10/26: Signed a fully-executed contract for the facility
  • 11/6: Roof inspected & it’s in great shape
  • 11/7: Signed a term sheet with Carson Bank for our loan
  • 11/15: Septic inspection & everything is in great shape
  • 11/22: Appraisal completed
  • 11/30: Inspection completed & everything looks good
  • 11/30: Building measured for base plan & AV consultant met
  • 12/8: Initial updates from architect re: code requirements, etc.
  • 12/12: CLOSED ON THE FACILITY!!!!!!  (yippee!!!!!)
Progress for this week:
  • Real Estate Closing:
    • We officially closed on the facility the morning 12/12!!  As you can see, Lacey managed to snap a completely impromptu & unposed picture of the process.
    • It was a very smooth process & we’d like to thank Justin M. (our realtor), Grant R. (our banker), and Lacey L. (our organizer & cat-herder) for all of the leg-work, paper-work, and other hard-work to get our ducks in a row & this stage of the process completed!
    • Pastor Kelley now has a key & we’re expecting him to go scope out a good location for the fog machine ;-).
  • Architecture Progress:
    • Scott is putting the base drawing together so we can start sketching in the layouts for the worship area, children’s areas, etc.
    • The complete code analysis on the building is not finished.  However, based on the initial review, the following are the larger-ticket items to consider:
      • Parking:
        • The parking requirement is 1 for every 4 occupants in the worship center.
        • By the formula in the code the worship space might fit up to 220 total, meaning 55 spaces would be required.
        • The city will consider shared parking agreements with neighboring properties for up to 50% of those spaces.
        • The current site has 14 designated parking spaces.  A general ballpark figure for parking is around $1000-1500/space.
        • The need for parking was anticipated & is reflected in our budget even though the actual # of spaces & total cost is still TBD.
      • Restrooms:
        • The two restrooms are probably short of code requirement (by one or two fixtures).
        • In an initial conversation with the city code review staff, they indicated that if it is close on number, there is a possibility of granting a variance where the additional fixtures may not be required.  However, there is also a distinct possibility that they will be required.
        • In addition, the restrooms as built are close to meeting the ADA requirements for those with handicaps, but do not appear to be completely compliant.  We’re not yet sure if they will be accepted as-is or if some modifications will be required.
    • These are all of the not-so-exciting parts of remodeling (can we get an Amen?), but these are certainly the types of things we would expect to address during this phase.  However, the sooner we can start talking about the fog machine, the better, right??
  • Church Focus Groups
    • Once we have the base drawings as a starting point, we’re planning on organizing input meetings & focus groups, kicking them off (most likely) the first part of January.
    • We’re planning to hold multiple group input meetings (vs. one large one) as smaller groups are conducive to deeper conversations (and who doesn’t like a deep conversation?!).
    • We’d then look to roll up the common threads & themes, evaluate them against what we can accomplish, and present the options back to the church.
    • We should be able to get these dates on the calendar & communicated out very soon!
  • Other: Church Sign
    • The church we purchased the facility from, New Life Covenant, has offered to purchase a church sign for us similar to the sign they had on the building.
    • This is an incredible gesture of generosity & a real gift to both Live Oaks & the Kingdom of God.
    • Since we’re still in the initial design phase, and aren’t completely sure what type or design of sign we need, New Life has graciously offered to “stand at the ready” once we have a plan in place.
    • If you happen to have contact w/Mr. Fruits or Pastor Kit, don’t hesitate to reach out & thank them for this gift!!
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