Worship at Live Oak

Open Worship:    At Live Oaks, we practice what is often called, “Open Worship”. Simply put, this means that as you worship God, you are free to stand, sit, raise your hands, clap, kneel, spin & smile. Whatever you do, we simply ask that you do it unto God and you don’t bother your neighbor. (practical advice from a practical church)

A Message About Worship:

We believe that worship is not a one-way experience. Even as we approach God in worship, we discover that God has already been approaching us. And he still is. In fact, in a genuine experience of worship we realize that the entire matter was started by God rather than by us. We seek God because God has sought us. We love God because God has loved us. We give to God because God has given to us. We worship God because God has given us worth through his Son. We don’t need to storm the gates of heaven in order to attract God’s attention and demand that He listen to our worship. He is moving towards us before we even begin.

Let Him move in you. Let Him minister to you. Stand up, sit down, clap, jump, kneel, or shout. Whatever you do, know that while you are expressing to God how much you love Him, He is there expressing His love right back to you. That is worship.

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