ALL CHURCH WORKDAY, SATURDAY SEPT. 12, 9 AM TO NOON.  There are several fall projects and maintenance duties to accomplish in preparation for the fall and winter.  “Many hands make light work” and a meaningful time of partnership.  Hope you can join us in this important ministry gathering!

PRAYING FOR TEACHERS, STUDENTS, AND FAMILIES WHO ARE HEADING BACK TO SCHOOL!  Please lift up our teachers, students and schools as a new school year begins.  Let’s join Jesus in His work to reach our neighbors, fellow students, and school staff and bring glory to Himself. Lord bless you stepping out in courageous faith & grace!

ELEMENT 26: We had a great time Friday night welcoming our new 6th graders to youth and we’re excited to have them start joining us on Wednesday nights at 7pm!!

HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES YEARLY DINNER, TODAY!  High School graduates plan to join us at 6 pm TONIGHT for a special farewell dinner as you transition from High School to young adulthood! (Sponsored by LOC Youth Ministry)

LOVE OFFERING FOR SPECIAL IMMEDIATE NEED!  Join us in helping to meet some tremendous financial needs of two of our fellow worshippers in our church.  Please make your donation to Live Oaks Community Church and write “Special Love Offering” in the memo of your check or electronic gift.  You are welcome to give today and next Sunday.  Thank you for your prayer and generous help

FINANCIAL GIVING.  There are also three ways to give your tithe and offerings while we are a part…  Thank you for your faithful gifts

REGULAR OFFERING TO THE POOR.  Each week Live Oak worshippers are welcome to place a special offering to the poor in the small box in the back of the sanctuary.  Each month these offerings will be given to those in need.  May we never forget the poor, but always be eager to remember them as God does!

TITHES, OFFERINGS, AND FAITH PROMISE. (See slide in slideshow)

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