HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!  May the blessing of Christmas continue and grow in your life this coming year.  “While we look forward with HOPE to that wonderful day…” (Titus 2:13 NLT)

MISSIONARY NEWSLETTERS: Check out the latest newsletters from the Herringshaws, Santhouse, and Camacho families! We’ve received updated newsletters from all of these families! Please continue to keep them in prayer and their ministries in the new year!

ELEMENT 26 NEWSYouth this Wednesday, Jan. 3 at 7pm!

REGULAR OFFERING TO THE POOR.  Each week Live Oak worshippers are welcome to place a special offering to the poor in one of the two baskets on the aisles.  Each month these offerings will be given to those in need.  May we never forget the poor, but always be eager to remember them as God does!



Sunday, Dec. 31

Ed & Nola N.-Anniv.

WELCOME CARDS & PRAYER REQUEST CARDS on the back table! If we don’t have your personal contact information or it’s changed, please fill out a card and place it in the offering box so we can update our information, or fill out a prayer card and our prayer chain will pray for you this week!

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