image.002SIMPLE SMALL GROUPS TO BEGIN AGAIN… If you have thought about leading or participating in a small group ACT ON IT by picking up a “Small Group Sign-Up” half sheet and/or the “Aim and Organizing Guidelines” sheet on the back table.   Then, talk to the Lord and the people around you as you seek Christ’s direction…  As the Lord leads, gather a group of friends/acquaintances for the start of a group or put your name on the “I am Interested In A Small Group” sheet.  After that, please PRAY with us as we seek to form the small groups God would have us form to increase our fellowship and unity, answer life/discipleship questions, and join Him in His work.  PLEASE turn in your completed “Small Group Sign Up” half sheets or get your name on the “I Am Interested In Small Groups” sheet TODAY!

“2 THINGS” GUYS GROUP IS BACK… Guys who are interested in pursuing spiritual and physical fitness to live the life God has called you to live plan to join the “2 Things” guys group TODAY!  Group meets Monday evenings from 6-7:30 pm @ the L. home.  READ the synopsis on the back table for more information and sign up TODAY – 1st meeting JANUARY 26TH!image.003

2015 BIBLE READING PLAN ON THE BACK TABLE!  Pick up your “52 Week” Bible Reading Plan and partner with the Lord in developing a daily habit of reading God’s word over this next year…

LEAN IN 2015 TO BEGIN SUNDAY, JANUARY 18THPick up a flier on the back table and embark on phase 3 of our journey to be better stewards of our bodies and health.  LEAN Into 2015 participants plan to weigh in with Jeannie in the Teacher’s Lounge each Sunday well before service begins… SIGN UP TODAY!

THANK YOU FROM THE HERRINGSHAWS!  Please pick up a copy of the Herringshaws’ “Thank You” letter for all your encouragement and support this past year…

2015 MINISTRY BUDGET INPUT MEETING – JANUARY 18TH.  Tithing partners of LOCC, 16 years and older are encouraged to participate.  This meeting will last not more than an hour and follow the morning service.  Light refreshments will be provided.  LOCC Ministry Director team wants to hear from your voice and include you in the budget process as they work toward finalizing it.  Plan to pick up a copy of the preliminary “rough draft” 2015 budget on the back table TODAY, Sunday, Jan. 11th.


  • Mexico 2015:
    • Interested Adults Meeting– Sunday, Jan. 11th after church service.
    • Trip Deposit Due: $25 due on Jan. 25th (Dates for the trip are June 18th-28th)


Wed, Jan. 14
Nola N.
Saturday, Jan.17
Dan H.


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