INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER FOR THE PERSECUTED CHURCH.  Today, November 9, we join believers around the world in prayer for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are facing persecution for standing up for their faith in Jesus Christ.

image.003APPRECIATION TO OUR VETERANS.  In honor of Veteran’s Day we thank the veterans in our congregation who stepped forward to serve us and our country!

(UPDATE) “TWO THINGS” GUYS GROUP.  Meets Monday evening from 6-7:30 pm @ the L.  Guys don’t forget to bring water bottle, notebook, and workout mat if you have one!  See you MONDAY!

CHRISTMAS DINNER & TALENT SHOW…coming your way on Sunday, Dec. 7th at Wilbur Cafeteria! Start working on your talent, and sign up on the back table! Singing, dancing, comedy, etc…

(UPDATE) “STAY LEAN” THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS – CAN STILL WEIGH IN TODAY!  A way to protect your weight loss and/or avoid unwanted weight gain as you celebrate through the end of the year…  Those taking the “STAY LEAN” challenge make a $40 deposit to Jeannie H. to participate.  Participants will have 3 weigh-ins in the Teacher’s lounge prior to Sunday’s service – Nov 2nd & 9th, Dec 7th, and Jan 11thFirst weigh-in on Nov. 2nd or 9th establishes each person’s goal weight to maintain.  Second weigh-in on Dec. 7th determines whether a person met their goal and won half their deposit back or missed their goal forfeiting half of their deposit ($20).  Third weigh-in on Jan. 11th will prove victory, thus a return of the remaining deposit or missing the goal and donating any remaining deposit to a worthy cause of our “Weigh Master’s” choice.  SIGN UP & WEIGH IN TODAY!

(UPDATE) 19 DAYS BEFORE THANKSGIVING & 45 DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS.  Take intentional steps to trust the Lord with any cares or anxiety as you face the holidays.  Then walk by faith at the direction of His word, will, and Spirit to find His path and understand His plan for you, your family and your ministry.  Lord bless your preparation to fellowship in the Holy Spirit and follow God’s plan to overcome and celebrate well!


  • November/December calendar – we have our schedule planned through the New Year! No youth Wed. the 26th for our Thanksgiving break.
  • Paintball!  Friday, Nov 28th.  Cost is $20, sign up on the back table. If we get 30 people, the price goes down to $15/person!
  • Mexico 2015 – It is time to start planning for next summer’s mission trip to Ensenada. To help secure the best rates for hotels, etc. we are beginning a little earlier than usual. If you plan on going on the trip, please sign up on the back table. A $25 deposit is due by 7th. Questions? See a youth leader! (Dates for the trip are June 18th-28th  )

Wednesday, Nov. 12th
Tiana D.

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