MINISTRY WORKER APPRECIATION MONTH!  Take a moment this month to acknowledge the fellow believers in our church who serve you and your family.  You can write a note of appreciation, take time to tell someone thank you for their service, or give some kind of gift to express your gratitude.  “I always thank my God for you because of His grace given you in Christ Jesus.” (1 Corinthians 1:4)

image.003MEAGHAN SMITH’S LATEST NEWSLETTER.  Meaghan is our missionary with Wycliffe and is currently working in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  Check out the latest news in her life and ministry…  THANK YOU for praying for Meaghan and her ministry team!

SOME “SIMPLE” SMALL GROUPS HAVE BEGUN – BUT YOU CAN STILL SIGN UP!  If you have thought about leading or participating in a small group ACT ON IT TODAY by picking up a “Small Group Sign-Up” half sheet and/or the “Aim and Organizing Guidelines” sheet on the back table.   Then, talk to the Lord and the people around you as you seek Christ’s direction…  As the Lord leads, gather a group of friends/acquaintances for the start of a group or put your name on the “I am Interested In A Small Group” sheet.  After that, please PRAY with us as we seek to form the small groups God would have us form to increase our fellowship and unity, answer life/discipleship questions, and join the Holy Spirit in His work with those inside and outside the church.  PLEASE turn in your completed “Small Group Sign Up” half sheets or get your name on the “I Am Interested In Small Groups” sheet TODAY! 

image.005“Come for Coffee”
small group for ladies. Meeting on Sunday afternoons from 4-5:30pm at Starbucks on 21st&maize. Beginning october 19th.We’ll share, fellowship, &pray for each other. Contact Kym M or Jodi L if interested.


  • The corn maze was a ton of fun! Several youth brought guests (total of 23 people!), no one got lost in the maze, we found out way there in spite of a bridge being out, watched an intense game of pumpkin checkers, and lots more! Thanks for letting the youth hang out a little later than usual – it was a great event!
  • Harvest Party – Our annual Harvest Party will be @ Peterson, 7pm, on Wednesday October 29th.  Get your costumes ready and be prepared for lots of fun and prizes!
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