OCTOBER IS MINISTRY SERVANT APPRECIATION MONTH.  Please take some time to acknowledge the fellow believers in our church who regularly serve you and your family.  You can write a note of appreciation, take time to tell someone thank you for his or her service, or give some kind of gift to express your gratitude.  “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” (1 Thess. 5:11)

CHILDREN’S MINISTRY FALL CARNIVAL WAS A BLAST!  “Thank you” to everyone who gave of themselves and their resources in service of our kids and their friends!

GUYS “GREAT SMOKE MEAT” LUNCH SAT. NOV 6 AT 11:30. Guys see the “Lunch Items” signup sheet TODAY!  Smoked Chicken, Ribs, and Hot Links and Sides are on the menu for our upcoming SaturdayNovember 6th, 11:30 am lunch at our Facility.  See Kent L., Pastor Kelley, and Terry T. with donations for the meat and any questions.  Bring a friend and a healthy appetite – look forward to seeing you there!

ELEMENT 26 NEWS: THIS WEDNESDAY –Harvest Party! Come in your best costume and ready for some crazy games!

REGULAR OFFERING TO THE POOR.  Each week Live Oak worshippers are welcome to place a special offering to the poor in the small box in the back of the sanctuary.  Each month these offerings will be given to those in need.  May we never forget the poor, but always be eager to remember them as God does

FINANCIAL GIVING.  There are also three ways to give your tithe and offerings while we are a part…  Thank you for your faithful gifts!

TITHES, OFFERINGS, AND FAITH PROMISE. (See slide in slideshow)

CONNECTING WITH US.  If you are new online, you can contact us through our web site at liveoaks.org or leave a comment on our Facebook page… If you’re here today, feel free to fill out a prayer request card or a Welcome card if you’d like to be included in emails and or have your birthday in announcements!  We are glad you joined us today


Thursday, October 28th

Milo C.

Friday, October 29th

Dave C.

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