REFORMATION SUNDAY.  Today we celebrate the 500-year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.  Reformation means “making changes to something with the intention of setting it back on the right path.”  The reformation was a 16th-century movement for the reform of abuses in the Roman Catholic Church ending in the establishment of the Reformed and Protestant Churches.  May we all be humble enough that when God’s word tells us we made a wrong turn we will repent and turn back to the narrow way…!  Check out the back table for more information…

GOD GAVE US A GIFT – A MINISTRY BUILDING!  Hopefully, you have heard the GREAT news shared through a mass email to our church.  If not, please stop by the back table and fill out a Welcome Card to update your contact information.  Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of our move to a new ministry facility…!

OCTOBER IS “SERVANT APPRECIATION” MONTH!  Take some time this month to acknowledge the fellow believers in our church who regularly serve you and your family.  You can write a note of appreciation, take time to tell someone thank you for his or her service, or give some kind of gift to express your gratitude.  “Be devoted to one another in love.  Honor one another above yourselves.” (Romans 12:10)  “Dear children, don’t just talk about love. Put your love into action. Then it will truly be love.” (1 John 3:18 NIRV)

SMART MONEY-LIVE STREAM WITH DAVE RAMSEY Coming on Tuesday, November 7th at 7pm we will be showing the Smart Money live stream. Mark your calendars, more details to come!

CAMACHO FAMILY NEWSLETTER Grab a copy of the latest newsletter from Francisco & Elva Camancho, the pastors we support and partner with in Ensenada, Mexico. Please continue to keep them and their ministry in prayer.

SANTHOUSE FAMILY NEWSLETTER Grab a copy of the latest newsletter from Jonathan & Amy Santhouse, missionaries with Mission Aviation Fellowship. Please continue to keep them and their ministry to missionary kids in prayer.


  • The Harvest Party was a Blast! Grab a youth and ask them about it – and be sure to ask “Barbie” what it’s like living in a cardboard box and have jointless limbs!
  • THIS WEEK: Normal Youth @ 7pm!



Sun, 10/29

Dave C.

Tues, 10/31

Brent P.

Wed, 11/1

Heather B.

Thurs, 11/2

Jodi L.

Fri, 11/3

Mike & Mary


WELCOME CARDS & PRAYER REQUEST CARDS on the back table! If we don’t have your personal contact information or it’s changed, please fill out a card and place it in the offering box so we can update our information, or fill out a prayer card and our prayer chain will pray for you this week!

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