CONTINUE TO REACH OUT. Our community leaders have asked us to “separate” physically for a time, but that does not mean we have to “isolate.”  Everyone is encouraged to pray for one another, call, and reach out to each other in any way you can!  In addition, if you have a need/prayer request please contact: Church office at 316-773-4400 / or our Prayer Chain coordinator Lacey L. at, and you can always contact your ministry/small group leader, or me.

KEEP AN EYE OUT.  Church family continue to keep an eye out for additional emails with information regarding opportunities for connection and ministry over the next few weeks.

NEW WORSHIPPERS ONLINE.  If you are new, you can contact us through our web site at or leave a comment on our Facebook page…  We are glad you joined us today and would like to meet you when that becomes possible again…

BOOK OF THE MONTH – Knowing God.  This book leads readers into a greater understanding of God while providing advice to gaining a closer relationship with Him.  Check out J.I. Packer’s book in the lobby today!

ELEMENT 26 NEWS: Youth this week @7pm! See you there!

FINANCIAL GIVING.  There are also three ways to give your tithe and offerings while we are a part…  Thank you for your faithful gifts!

REGULAR OFFERING TO THE POOR.  Each week Live Oak worshippers are welcome to place a special offering to the poor in the small box in the back of the sanctuary.  Each month these offerings will be given to those in need.  May we never forget the poor, but always be eager to remember them as God does!

TITHES, OFFERINGS, AND FAITH PROMISE. (See slide in slideshow)


Monday, August 10

Larissa R.

Nick R.

Todd R.

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